Destined to be a Best Seller Brian Tracy, Peter Wolfing, and other world class authors
"The Will To Win"
What Is This Book About?
The Will To Win is a collection of chapters from outstanding authors, headlined by the legendary Brian Tracy.

One such chapter was selected as an editors choice award by Peter Wolfing for outstanding contribution.

We're all domesticated to one degree or other. Did you know that? We've been taught how to conform. This is usually a terrible thing except with fear. Fear can grab hold and freeze even the strongest person in their tracks. It’s a reflex action to protect us from harm. But, this initial wave of fear is only momentary. What comes after that is what is counter-productive to the situation.

We can learn to domesticate fear so we can overcome it. In this chapter, you will learn...
What fear really is and how it stops us and how it effects out body
The 4 stages of stepping out of your comfort zone
The most important element to overcoming fear
and much more!
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About Peter Wolfing
Peter Wolfing is not your average entrepreneur. He traces his entrepreneurial desire back to a very young age while in grade school. He’s learned practical knowledge through real-world experiences. While a Sergeant in the USMC, he learned the crucial skills of leadership, delegation and problem-solving.

Peter will also be featured on Times Square TV Live to be aired on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates. He has close to 3 decades of experience creating original content in the 100-billion-dollar e-learning space.

Over the past 2 decades, Peter has developed many online platforms that have attracted a membership base of over 2 million people around the globe. He's mentored countless people of which have gone on to develop 6 & 7 figure incomes.

Peter’s been called the "Uber" of his industry because he’s an out-of-the-box thinker and has revolutionized the online home-based business model. Much like Uber shook the foundation of the automobile travel industry by deconstructing it and completely simplifying the model, Peter has shaken the foundation of the network marketing industry by disassembling the cumbersome infrastructure and completely streamlining the system. He has virtually re-invented the industry. The result? A more efficient, more effective, less complicated, online business model. Limited risk, high upside potential, and incredibly fast growth.

His most recent project is providing the driving force for, a not-for-profit company which coaches & mentors young entrepreneurs.

Peter's an expert trainer, mentor, and author multiple books. One is co-authored with Brian Tracy titled "The Will To Win" and is destined to be a bestseller.

Peter is an in-demand speaker and trainer on such topics as leadership, communication, sales, digital products, affiliate and network marketing and he is a certified John Maxwell Team Executive Director.
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